25 Days and counting !

Latest news on new project 51 Adventurous Activities for Families in Wales(Scotland, England, Ireland to follow every other month). There will be a Book, Ebook, Mobile App(IOS, Android and Windows).
We want to help everyone get out and get dirty, the App will use the best technology to bring you realtime updates and information, including such things as, what’s happening, where to eat, stay, buy your outdoor gear and local activity providers to mention only a few features.
All activities have and will be road tested by our families and friends to ensure they are fun, plus a number of challenges with prizes 🙂
This will be one of two projects running, the other being preparing for the snow leopard award in 2014, which will also have an App and Book, with profits going to the following charities YMCA Wales, Alzheimer’s, British Heart Foundation and CNN Freedom project. We have a target of £50k, to be divided between the four causes.
We will here there and everywhere to help encourage getting out and enjoying the great outdoors.
There will be many updates as we get closer to the kick off date, we will have calendar of events to help you follow us and progress.
Please be patient as we ready website and other fun things 🙂
We want to include as much as possible so suggestions will always be welcome 🙂


PS we will do our best to be as comprehensive as possible, to ensure this there will be beta testing opportunities for the App during March.
PPS Plus we want to include as many useful links as possible, we will be providing ways to check if you are included(No charge unless you want to make a donation of no more than £5 pounds)


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