5 Peaks, 50 Days and £50,000 for 4 Good causes

Have finally organised work and preparation for expedition, it’s going to be fun keeping the balance between keeping Mrs K in a manner she has become accustomed and a training/preparation schedule that should give us a chance of completing the award.
The schedule goes like this – Jan to March UK winter training, April Swiss Alps, May through July UK training, August/September Dolomites, Oct/Nov UK training Dec/Jan Canada, Feb a month off and then remaining months final expedition planning and then off off in June for expedition. A full schedule will appear in Jan and during year, will working on selecting kit and working on logistics. Having climbed there before I am aware of challenges, but have a good support team in making who have solid experience of remote areas and getting around.
Will be working with charities to promote expedition so plenty to come, but we feel this is great challenge that needs to be completed by a UK team, so as with all expeditions, it’s do the hard yards and then some, and factor in a luck.
Watch this space over the next few weeks to see the plan unfold, then it’s time to rock and roll 🙂


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