Its going to be a super crazy year !

As promised yesterday, more information regarding Snow Leopard preparation and the reason for the expedition. The reason for the expedition is to fulfilled a long standing ambition to undertake it and do it in a way that leaves as little impact yet fulfills the objective of raising some monies without a fanfare.

Its going to be a fast alpine style expedition, with just two of us doing the mountaineering and one taking care of the logistics and everything else.

We hope that our preparation will prepare for such an undertaking, we also know that everything can change at the drop of a hat, such the weather, borders, transport, etc. But, leaving that part we feel that our preparation should give us a chance of completing and thus raising some monies for 4 deserving causes.

Having the Brecon Beacons in our backyard, we will be out playing in them on a weekly basis, plus trips to the various mountain ranges to hone our mountaineering skills and develop our mountain awareness, we will be found in the Swiss Alps in March/April and the Dolomites in August, then a family break to New Zealand for our oldest daughters wedding. Have been allowed to explore some of the best of what on offer down there, and then out to Canada at the end of the year for Christmas/New Year for a trip to the Denali range, after that its back and final preparation for departure. Want to get out as much in the UK as much as possible but as this is a self funding expedition, work will take up most of the remaining time, and keeping Mrs K happy ?

The good causes we are raising the monies for are –

The CNN Freedom Project

The British Heart Foundation

The Alzheimers Society

The YMCA Homeless Hostels

There will be plenty of posts and photos as we move through our schedule, plus feedback about the kit we use and will ultimately select for the trip.

The good causes are close to our hearts as Mrs K father develop dementia and having had to watch him fade from the man he was to what only can be described as a living vegetable was heart breaking so anything that can be done for the suffer or family would be great. The heart foundation is selected as Mrs K has a mild heart condition and the help she has received has been wonderful and this is my way of saying thanks. The YMCA is selected as it helps those who have fallen on hard times here in Wales and is doing a great job, but always has projects that need money, and finally the CNN Freedom project, its something we feel strongly about, no one should be a slave in this world.

I think that’s it for today folk, keep as eye here for updates and progress, thanks for reading your all stars !


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