Lets reconnect with the outdoors – Or get out and get dirty !

I feel this quote by Royal Robbins sums this up better than most ” Believe in yourself.  Believe in your capacity. Believe in your goodness.  Seek adventure.  Climb high mountains. Run with wild rivers. Live daily with this spirit.  Take care.  Follow your dream, but watch your step.  Have fun, sing, dance, laugh and spread joy wherever you go ! ”

Given that we have been challenged to get out more, especially the Britain on Foot campaign. I have decided that the 51 Adventurous activities App and Ebook and guidebook will be available as a set for the grand sum of £4.99, which just covers costs. This is will be my contribution to the campaign.

Lets make 2013 the year to start an adventure that will last a life time, this should help us reconnect with that which matters most, ourselves, our friends ,family and nature.  These are not just priceless, but will make life so much richer, enjoyable and challenging.

So my challenge to everyone is wake that sleeping giant within and get and have fun like you have never had before !



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