Cry Freedom or Enjoy the Moment !

No, not the movie about apartheid, but how we can change the world ?

We live in a time of continuous change, our ancestors would be over whelmed or even explode with joy at the quality of our lives.  Even though this is a subjective and somewhat emotive topic, nobody will argue that we have at our disposal a fantastic arsenal of medical, technological, and basic amenities that we take for granted, such as heating, safe food, sanitation,mobility…etc

This change has brought an instant happiness overdose, that just gets better and better, but we need to bring this change to everyone on this wonderful planet of ours. How can we bring this change NOW ! (An end to this endless senseless suffering is the most meaningful goal).

I might not see the fulfillment in my life time but I am seeing the start, I guess that’s the optimist in me, knowing that the human spirit can achieve insurmountable things !!

Change will march on, so how can we make this happen?  No need for momentous upheavals, grand gestures or nanobots …

Lets enjoy things just as they are, seize the moment, enjoy the peace and quiet, squeezing every bit of enjoyment out of it .Bring it to those who have not enjoyed it yet. What better place to do it, than the  great outdoors.

I am sure we can raise to this challenge and make a difference in the world 😉


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