Time for action !

It has been a busy few days, have been putting final touches to Snow Leopard Award Expedition planning and joint venture with Steve Perry of Positive Altitude.
We both want to put something back, will be posting progress on venture very soon.
But, getting back to important things. Rather than just make the expedition a one off for raising some monies for good causes. I have made the decision to make it an ongoing project called “Climbers against Slavery”. It’s a project to help those who are being denied a basic human right that of freedom. I realise that we can only scratch the surface of this problem, but if we help just one, it’s one person who can enjoy a life free of fear and denied opportunities it will be a success.
I am looking for a specific cause as there are so many, but if you want to see want is being done, take a peek at the CNN Freedom project, I will be putting up a list from which you we can select one to work with.
Full details will be available later in the week, but lets hold onto all things precious and share them when and where we can.
Will posting a number of reviews tomorrow,and some updates on expedition and preparation kick off


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