Snow Leopard Award the next step !

Have finalised preparation for Snow Leopard Award attempt, changes due up coming wedding of oldest daughter. They have moved it till the end of the year, so to accommodate that, we have re organised schedule. This will be published next week :), a slight delay but no negative impact on preparation.
We have a number of sponsors on board, all will be revealed towards end of April :), we are also hoping that we will Adventurous Activities ready so we can promote Britain on Foot, over the summer months as part of our preparation. We like to get out and get filthy !!!
The challenges that face us, can seem a little daunting, considering a very capable duo of Jon Gupta & Nick Valentine, were defeated. We are under no illusion of the magnitude of this, but having completed one of the peaks and spent three seasons exploring and climbing in the Tian Shan, some years ago I feel confident. But, knowing any number of things can derail an expedition, we are hoping for a little luck and some great preparation should give us a chance.
We hope that the journey will be worth it for the good causes we are raising money for, and that this will prepare us for the New Snow Leopard Award the next year.
We hope that this will be funded from our own funds and efforts, but if any one wants to donate anything,it would be most welcome. And of course
We have decided to film the expedition and make it available with a guide to help those who might wish to follow, watch this space for details.


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