Snow Leopard goes green and get organised

Its been a hectic few weeks finalizing the preparation schedule and how we can be as environmentally responsible as possible.

What can you expect now that we are organized and ready to rock and roll, well here goes. Firstly we will be providing progress updates via an interactive documentary that will follow our exploits as we prepare and attempt the Snow Leopard award. This will go live at the end of April in conjunction with an app for all mobile platforms.

The schedule we have put together includes promoting the Britain on Foot campaign during the first 3 months our preparation, which is based in this country.

After some last minute advice we will only be supporting one good cause, for no other reason than the fact we have finite resources and time. The chosen good cause is the YMCA Cardiff, which does amazing work , if you have time, take a look here, it will give you a idea of the work they do.

We want to be as green as possible during our preparation, so we are going to try and use public transport as much as possible and wear out kit until its no longer useful.

Below are the places where you will see us, but in between all that we will be training hard on whatever surface we can find :-), plus trying to earn a living to keep the good ladies in our lives happy.

The schedule looks something the following, there will be details closer to each mini expedition, plus have you seen snow leopard about competition.

Snow Leopard Award Schedule

It all kicks off in May with the following events.


Brecon Beacons – Fan Dance

Snowdonia – 16 Peaks


3 Peaks Yorkshire

Lyke Wake Walk


Sky Ridge Traverse

Gower Coast Path

Pembroke Coast Challenge


Dolomites and Swiss Alps




New Zealand

May 2014 – Snow Leopard Award Depart

Watch this space as there are a lot more exciting announcements to come !!!!


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