Going Urban

The great thing about adventures is that can be big, small, anytime and anywhere. Yesterday was one of those examples. I had a free hour and half between meetings, so headed off on a micro adventure.

With trainers and camera in hand is was off to see what I could find around Cardiff in an 90 minutes, well, I was more than please to spy a peregrine Falcon on the Cardiff Council offices roof, enjoying the sun and maybe thinking about lunch.

Peregrine Falcon
Peregrine Falcon

Then a brisk walk down to Cardiff Bay, which part of the Wales Coastal path goes through

Cardiff Bay - Wales Coastal Path Marker
Cardiff Bay – Wales Coastal Path Marker

It certainly was a gorgeous day and well worth the effort, as you can see Cardiff Bay was looking great.

Cardiff Bay Panorama
Cardiff Bay Panorama

This is one of the great things about exploring anything from your back yard to remote and secluded locations, it’s that primal desire to reconnect, and in doing so we become we become sensitive observers, throwing off the shackles of technology and in doing so become a little more primitive in the process.

Things become visceral and the most powerful information processors help us realise what an unfathomable complex world we live in that using our eyes to observe and brains to analyse we can enjoy a the real world rather a virtual one that denies us the joys getting out and dirty.

Over the next few weeks, we will visit the Brecon Beacons, Gower, Snowdonia and somewhere along the Wales Coastal path.


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