The Snow Leopard and Beyond !!

You will notice lots of things happening in the next few months as we move from being focused on the Snow Leopard Award Expedition and its preparation.

You will see what we will be offering in the following area –

  • Leadership/Team building and Motivational Seminars and course’s.
  • Adventurous expeditions to Russia and China.
  • Working to encourage help those who are excluded or would not have the opportunity to get out and dirty in the outdoors.

We will be delivering some of the above ourselves and the rest in collaboration with those we have met and with whom share the same ideals and vision.

You will enjoy guest blogs from super folk, great opportunities to get and get dirty in exciting places. Improve your life or organization through our Ignite Program, and help us help those who don’t have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. This is just the start of what we term our “Fire Starter program”

Not forgetting the Snow Leopard Award Expedition, we will have some awesome news next week.


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