Over the next few weeks, we will be revealing more of our course’s, partnerships, joint ventures and much more, its going to be exciting. The official announcement will be mid January and come back and find out !!

Over the next 18 months this site will be my blog as I prepare to undertake the Snow Leopard award.
I have been climbing for about 35 plus years, kayaking even longer. Have been able to climb in many parts of the world, ranging from the Alps, Tian Shan, Taiwan, Hindu Kush, Venezuela, Utah, as well as Wales, Lake District, The Peak District and any outcrop that I have to be passing.
Paddling has taken me to the pacific north west, US, Alps, and all over the UK.
I have spent my working life in IT, which has taken around the globe, but it’s time to say goodbye and get out and radical, plus raise some funds for good causes.

Thats Me !

Thats Me !