Tyree Jacket

I have to say this jacket has proved to be a most capable jacket that punches far above its weight(no pun intended). As its described as a lightweight multipurpose activity jacket, made from microlight Pertex.

Its Berghaus active fit makes it perfect for anything from early morning run’s, cycling, hanging around on belays or a yomp over the Brecon Beacons, which is where it got its soak test and proved that looks can be deceptive. I remained dry and warm after a number of nasty down pours and will certainly be recommending this jacket, on performance and price.

In conclusion this super lightweight jacket excels at shrugging off water ,even after the worst that Wales can throw at it you remain dry and warm underneath, whilst still looking good. It has the right amount of pockets that allow you to carry just enough useful stuff without looking like a bin bag.

Its an super piece of kit that stands head and shoulders above the competition and shows why Berghaus continues to be one of the most innovative outdoor equipment suppliers.

Berghaus Tyree Jacket
Berghaus Tyree Jacket

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