Fenix HP25

Fenix HP25

Fenix have put together an impressive piece of kit with their latest head torch, the HP25. It boasts some rather powerful features, such as two light sources giving a combine output of 360 lumens, with a spot beam up to 153 metres from just 4 AA batteries which can last up to 216 hours when used with the right lighting combinations. A full specification can be found here

Fenix HP25
Fenix HP25

From our initial tests caving and out on the Brecon Beacons, we have found it to be a very capable piece of kit that can take can take a lot of abuse.

So to see how it fairs in our tests over the next few weeks on a number of mini expeditions have been planned, which include caving, climbing, a night exercise on the Brecon Beacons, and a night investigating some Victorian sewers.

In these tests will cover such things use ability, integration with existing kit, durability, how the specifications stand compare with real life scenarios and a lot of other tests ?

So watch this space !!!!


2 thoughts on “Fenix HP25

    1. Hi

      They are pretty dam good, they have a great battery life and lighting options are good. Only slight niggle is banding can go a little slack, but that’s
      easy to remedy.
      All in all a real bargain. Will be giving them a tough road test in the Alps in the next few weeks, so watch out for an update.

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