HBTune Hand Band

Larry and Geoff at HB Tune hand band, have solved a long standing challenge for trail walkers/runners with this neat solution. They did it by changing the way you carry your smartphone from tucked away in your pocket, in your pack or strapped to you arm, which is all well and good, but if you want to change playlists, check whose calling or an app, whilst keeping it safe and secure.You had little choice other than exposure it to the elements and risk it slipping out of your hand.

Here’s what they come up with –

hb tune hand band
hb tune hand band
hb tune hand band - back
hb tune hand band – back

So how have they achieved this, by doing the obvious, taking a problem and producing a solution that people want, that is being able to hold you phone in a weather resistant case that fits snugly in your hand, with a clear window that allows you see any app you may want access to whilst out and about. The screen’s sensitivity is great, you can use it with or without a glove, and not get frustrated, and a useful emergency contact panel.

hb tune hand band
hb tune hand band

It does come with an optional arm band extra should you want it. It is available in a two sizes, one for smaller phones and one for larger. My Nokia Lumia 1020 fitted nicely and it worked flawlessly.

hb tune  hand band
hb tune hand band

Having endured one of the wettest January’s  on record here in Wales, I can happily report it surpassed it’s promise of keeping your phone dry whilst using it whilst out and about. It does offer a degree of protection from bumps and the elements, but should you want to make it almost bombproof, it can accommodate a device with an Otterbox case , which should protect your phone from all but the worst case incidents !!

So if your out running, walking, orienteering or similar and need to check your phone for whatever reason, you can now do it without fear of dropping or jabbing vainly in the hope that something will happen.

The HB Tune Hand Band is a great solution to a long standing problem at a very nice price.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received HBTune Hand Band for free from HBtune as coordinated by [Deep Creek Public Relations]  http://deepcreekpr.com/ in consideration for review publication.


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