MacWet Gloves

Macwets Long Climatec Sports Gloves – All grip, No Slip!

They certainly live up to their mission statement, having stood the test belaying, caving and biking I can recommend MacWets.

MacWet Climatec Long Glove
MacWet Climatec Long Glove

The best thing about this glove is its dexterity while being full-fingered. You can confidently handle equipment without worrying you will drop it. These are great for people who find typical belay gloves too clunky (not for sustained belaying). With the full-finger protection, at the end of the day your fingers won’t be all black .The material is thin enough that there is no loss of feeling in your fingers: for example, you can competently operate a phone or camera.

The durability of the MacWets is excellent. I haven’t snagged or torn them yet, despite some arduous outings, and they provided complete protection for my hands.

They have performed far above and beyond  expectations, so I can recommend them as a perfect lightweight three season glove. Watch this space as they get exposed to some harsh conditions over the coming months.


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