Nokia Lumia 1020

I can only quote that famous beer advert “probably the best smartphone in the world” Nothing more needs be said !


Nokia Lumia 102
Nokia Lumia 1020


Nokia Lumia 925

Given today’s announcement, we now have an ecosystem for windows (software, services and hardware) given Nokia’s impressive handset credentials I would expect to see to some pretty exciting stuff that will push the mobile arena into a new era.

Well, back to the review. I won’t regurgitate its specifications as there are many sites that do a much better job that I could do in a life time.

So, what’s my impression of this sleek, elegant smartphone? Well, I have to say, it’s impressive, it able to handle todays demand as a communications hub, be it voice, data, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email , G+ to mention a few which I use.  Even when using all these I still manage pretty much a full day’s use from a full charge.

Once you start to use the camera, you realize you have an outstanding piece of kit, and coupled with Nokia’s own apps your pretty much in smartphone heaven.

Not forgetting the Nokia’s mapping solutions, they are first rate and with the bonus of Live Sight you have a stellar solution to finding your way around and finding whats around you.

The ability to personalize to a limited extent, allowing you to say, its mine , and being tightly integrated to windows it certainly extends your office to anywhere you can get a connection.

So all in all, the Lumia 925 is a real winner, whatever your biases might be if you need a smartphone that makes a difference to your daily life, this is the one.


Nokia Lumia 820

You may think it’s a strange one, but having a reliable phone when your out is pretty much an accepted norm these days.
My choice is the new Nokia Lumia 820, and I can say after just two week’s, it’s replaced my IPhone 5. I can hear the comments already. Lets get on with the review.
Lets start at the beginning, from taking of the box it’s been a joy to use and is getting a lot of positive attention from friends and family. The default configuration is one of the best that I have come across, and being a mobile app developer, it’s a super start, then the importing of contacts was a breeze, even when importing from IOS and gmail. It was only a few clicks and presto all done, the tiles do a marvelous job at ensuring the right information is available in the right place quickly. The screen fluidity is slick and apps are responsive, with a keyboard that is one of the best I have come across.
As for the apps which some seem to think are more important than the phone these days, well there are a great selection that come as standard, such as city lens. Bing is the standard search engine, but if prefer Google and who doesn’t you can install, and it’s pretty good, more in my update on apps in a few weeks.
From a connectivity perspective it just does it with simplicity and ease, whether it’s wifi, blue tooth or 3G.
In closing, I am more than happy to have made the move to Nokia Lumia 820, I will be updating more on features of the phone and how it copes with extreme conditions.
All can I say is that as the family and a number of friends have become Lumia fans and now sport one of the most exciting smartphones available, come join the revolution !
You can expect some super shots from lots of extreme places as I prepare for the Snow Leopard Award this year.
Watch this space for more updates, in which I will be covering apps, camera, maps and other exciting features. If you want to be rock and roll, then this is the phone for you.
Loving this phone the more I use it, it’s proving very useful when using with gloves in some nasty conditions. Also love that I can change SD cards, makes life some much easier. Expect some extreme shots soon.

nokia lumia 820
nokia lumia 820

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