RIBZ Front Pack

Ribzwear may not be as familiar to us on this side of the Atlantic, but the team from San Diego California have put together a cracking piece of kit that deserves your attention.

So what do we have, it’s a front facing pack made of water resistant nylon with a carrying capacity of between 500 and 700 cubic inches and weighs in at about 500grams. Its pockets are easily accessible with top opening zips, which make for a fuss/hassle free opening in any condition. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with your pack.

RIBZ Front Pack - Front
RIBZ Front Pack – Front
RIBZ Front Pack - Back
RIBZ Front Pack – Back

It was tested in a number of different activities, but the main objective was to see if it provided accessibility/functionality it claims, what  did I put it through, it was tested in the following activities. Coasteering/Canyoneering, canoeing, mountaineering, trail biking, running and walking the dog.

I have to say it passed the accessibility test with ease, I don’t carry large amounts of kit I need immediate access to but, the items I did, stayed firm and secure and could get out and use with little if any fuss even when coasteering and waves are breaking all round you. As for practicality its hugs you close and doesn’t interfere with your progress in any situation, and doesn’t get any strange looks from passers-by.

I have to say, Ribzwear have done an excellent job at producing a bomb proof utility item that is both useful and useable. It secures items that would have been stuffed in pockets or in the top/pocket of your pack, which would have to be taken off to gain access to, which is not what you always want, such compass, emergency kits, snacks etc.  It worked extremely well on its own and in conjunction with a pack, it made accessing those vital items on the move a cinch which in a lot of situations would have been awkward if not a little impractical.

All in all this is a very useful piece of kit that a lot of thought and care has gone into that has produced a product that is both practical and versatile. Ribzwear have taken a problem and solved it with such simplicity it deserves to be in every ones kit list.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Ribzwear Front Pack for free from Ribzwear as coordinated by [Deep Creek Public Relations]  http://deepcreekpr.com/ in consideration for review publication.


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