Vango Voretx 200

Having been a fan of Vango tents for at least 35 years, that started with the mk4. Which was home to two 16 year old’s for a few weeks whilst completing the Pennine Way during their summer holiday. The following year we embarked on our first Alpine adventure, which is another story.
Getting back to the Vango Vortex 200, which has been chosen as tent of choice for our attempt at the Snow Leopard Award in 2014.
Having decided that the tent for this type of expedition had to be tardis like, bombproof and happily keep you dry and warm in an hostile environment, plus be affordable as its a self funding expedition. The vortex 200 was chosen and so far has exceeded all expectations, it has been exposed to some brutal nights out on the Brecon Beacons in the recent blizzards and rain.
It’s weight is just about right, and taking approximately 15 minutes to put in in what could only be described bloody awful conditions, impressed even further. And spending the night warm and dry confirmed my choice, worth every pound spent.
Over the coming months it will be accompanying me on trips far and wide, so will continue to update with comments, observations and pictures.
All said and done so far an awesome tent, that will make the difference between comfort and misery on the mountainside.


vango vortex 200
vango vortex 200

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