Snow Leopard Award Expedition 2014

Snow Leopard Award Overview

The Snow Leopard award was a Soviet mountaineering award, which is still recognized in the Commonwealth of Independent States. To receive it, you must summit all 5 peaks of 7000m and above located in the former Soviet Union. On completing all five summits you receive one of these. For a quick peak at the peaks take a trip here

Here is a quick tour of our preparation and expedition peaks


The Peaks are

Jengish Chokusu – Also known as Victory Peak or Peak Pobeda which stands at 7,439 m on the China/Kyrgyzstan border within the Tian Shan/Kakshaal Too range and was first climbed by Vitaly Abalakov in 1956.

More details can be found here

Khan Tengri – Also known as Hantengri Peak or Khan Tangiri Shyngy, Kan-Too Chokusu, Pik Khan-Tengry, and Hantengri Feng and stands at 7010m and found within the Tian Shan region and was first climbed in 1931 Mikhail Pogrebetsky

More details can be found here

Ismail Samani Peak – Also known as Communism Peak, and previously Stalin Peak and stands at 7,495 m and is located in the Pamirs and was first climbed on 9 September 1933 by 9 September 1933 by Yevgeniy Abalakov

More details can be found here

Peak Korzhenevskaya – It is named after Evgenia Korzhenevskaya, the wife of Russian geographer Nikolai L. Korzhenevskiy, who discovered the peak in August 1910. You may see it called Korzhenevski, Korzhenevskoi, and Korzhenievsky as well. It stands at 7105m and is found within the Pamirs and was first climbed in 1953 by A. Ugarov et al.

More details can be found here

Lenin Peak – Since 2006 it’s been known as Ibn Sina Peak or, alternatively, Avicenna Peak, but has been as Mount Kaufmann after the Konstantin Kaufman, the first Governor-General of Turkestan. It stands at 7134m and is found in the Pamirs. It was first climbed in 1928 by Karl Wien, Eugen Allwein and Erwin Schneider.

More details can be found here

A list of recipients of the Snow Leopard Award can be found here


Russian Snow Leopard Award

Mountaineering Federation of Russia approved a new collection of peaks for the award – Snow Leopard of Russia. To be awarded , you must summit 10 Russian famous peaks.

Alex Slotyuk, president of the Federation mountaineering of Moscow was the initiator of the establishment of the title.  Everyone who confirm ascents will be awarded plaques and diplomas.

In order to become a “Snow Leopard Russia” you must climb the following Russian summits:

Elbrus (5642 meters)

Dyhtau (5204 meters)

Koshtan-Tau (5151 m)

Mizhirgi (5025 meters)

Pushkin peak (5100 meters)

Dzhangitau (5085 meters)

Shkhara (5068 meters)

Kazbek (5034 m)

Klyuchevskaya Sopka (4688 m)

Belukha (4506 meters)

Snow Leopard Russian Award Medal



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