Brett Horton’s passion to get everyone out and doing something is evident in @jackoatbars , you only have to read his mission statement below.


The aim of the brand is to encourage and inspire every person in the world, of every age and every ability in spite any personal circumstance, to take up and excel in sport as a life-long lifestyle. This is a huge goal, but one surely worth pursuing. With a commitment to a sport, comes body and nutritional knowledge, mental strength and positive social infrastructure“.

We are so excited to be working with and supported by Brett, we feel just as passionate and want to help everyone to get out and dirty.

Jay and @jackoatbar Lakes

Brett has managed to put enough fuel in @jackoatbar’s you could use them to fuel rockets !! Watch this space as we enjoy them in our preparation and expedition. Take a few minutes and pop over and visit @jackoatbars

You can feel Brett’s passion, he has put together a terrific power bar, that tastes great, has great ingredients and looks like it should be handled with care, in case it explodes !!!


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