Red Fox Outdoor Equipment

We are so excited  to have the support of  Red Fox Outdoor Equipment for our attempt at The Snow Leopard Award. In addition we will be become their UK distributor later in 2014.

Enjoy a super Youtube video here

Red Fox Company History

History of Red Fox originates from distant
1980, when a student LETI Vladislav Claus come written in mountaineering section. That’s when an acquaintance c Edgarovich Glushkovskaya Alexander, who was one of the leaders of the section.

In subsequent years, they have visited many complicated expeditions.Vladislav Claus made six first ascents and ran the program “Snow Leopard”, and Alexander Glushkovsky climbed the third highest mountain in the world – Kanchenjunga (8586).

It was during these years and the idea of ​​creating a company that would create a high-tech clothing for climbers. Many then dreamed of quality gear, but could not buy it because of quality equipment in the country simply did not have, so it is engaged in the manufacture and the athletes themselves.

The idea was realized in 1989, when the company was created, received little later name Red Fox.

First down jackets and backpacks Alexander and Vladislav created yourself – manually.

Having a big climbing experience, they clearly know the needs of their friends and colleagues in the sport, so clothing and equipment «Red Fox» from the very first days of its existence became more respect and popularity among athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

One of the first down jackets of «Red Fox», visited the expedition to Cho Oyu can see now among the honored exhibits in-store “Planet Sports” in Vyborg.

Every year, thanks to a partnership with leading international companies, the best use of modern materials and technology, clothing and equipment «Red Fox» more improved.

To date, the trademark Red Fox is one of the most famous and popular in Russia, among professional athletes and among outdoor enthusiasts who prefer high-quality clothing and equipment.

In just 10 years, the company «Red Fox» entered the international level and, since the 2000s Red Fox became associated in athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, not only as a leading outdoor brand, but also as an organizer of major sporting events.

In 2003, the year in our country for the first time held the largest multisport expedition race Red Fox Adventure Race, which is now part of the European series multisport races.

In 2008, the year – on the slopes of Mount Elbrus Festival was first held winter extreme sports «Red Fox Elbrus Race». And today just two disciplines Festival – “Vertical Kilometer” and “Speed ​​Climb West Elbrus Peak” are part of the World Series skayranningu. Now every year festival «Red Fox Elbrus Race» gathers leading sky runner from around the world.

Over the years, the company «Red Fox» has achieved recognition from many of the leading manufacturers of high-quality materials, including such as Gore-Tex and Polartec.

Today Red Fox is the only partner of Gore-Tex for the production of sportswear in Russia.

Functionality, intelligent every detail, the highest quality, technology of tailoring, with the best international standards – the distinctive features of each model «Red Fox».

All products are ideal to meet the technical requirements: they do not get wet, retain heat, “breathe” and have the properties of the climate control.

The clothes «Red Fox» emergency workers involved in rescue operations unique, army units successfully perform their tasks in harsh alpine conditions, and famous climbers to conquer the highest peaks of the world.

Brand «Red Fox» has often been the winner of the “sports brand of St. Petersburg”, and also received the highest score of activity and quality of the competition “Made in Russia”.

In the life of every year there is something new, Red Fox always on the lookout for, in constant motion.

Changing collection Red Fox, expanding its range of products, open new stores, development of new projects …

Remains unchanged but the basic idea of ​​clothes and equipment Red Fox – is to create a convenient, comfortable living conditions for the people who are in extreme conditions. And the products of Red Fox for many years proves that this problem can be addressed at the highest professional level, creating high-quality, high-tech products to its consumers.


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